Design For Change and Teach First London

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It’s not been an easy start to setting up Design For Change UK – but then I never expected it would be. Sure, there has been lots of interest in it, but converting interest to action on the ground (or in classrooms) has been tricky.

So, it’s with a lot of excitement that I can announce that Design For Change has been picked up by Teach First London and I will be presenting DFC to two teach First CPD conferences to participants who have opted for DFC as one of their Pathways within the Teach First programme.


I’m really looking forward to engaging a group of interested teachers who want to help their pupils make a positive impact on their local communities, and of course, hearing about the DFC projects they implement in the future.


DFC arrives in the UK

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An important lesson

In 2011 I watched Kiran Bir Sethi’s TED Talk, recorded in 2009 at TED India, about the importance of teaching every child the most important lesson of all – the “I CAN” mindset  – and fostering within children the belief that they have super hero powers to do good for others. It is based on a simple yet effective framework, called Design For Change, that has its roots in Design Thinking theory. It is one of those TED talks that sends a shiver down your spine and whilst it might slip into the back of your mind, it will never be forgotten.

If you have children of your own, or you work with children in some capacity, then the concept of making every child grow up with the belief that they can make a difference, is a powerful one (and one that no one can really argue against). The Design For Change movement – the largest global movement of children driving change in their own communities by unleashing their ‘I CAN’ superpower – now has had a positive impact on over three million children in over 30 countries.

Bringing DFC to the UK

Five years later, imagine my surprise to find myself sat in a room with Kiran chatting about how to bring Design For Change to the UK – I was as much surprised that Design For Change didn’t already exist in the UK as much as anything; why weren’t we recognising the importance of educating or raising our children to belief that they can make a positive difference in their local areas, communities… the world?

It felt like something had to be done. Someone had to take on the role of establishing DFC in the UK. And so I agreed to give it a go, to see if focusing my energies and passion into this could initiate an initial presence in the UK – one that will hopefully grow and thus positively impact many children and communities over the years… just like it has in lots of other countries around the world.

Get involved… please!

Initial interest in DFC UK has been very encouraging; there are schools and families interested, volunteers come forward and some other exciting developments which I will share in the near future.

If you would like to get involved – to help out in any way – please do get in touch. The more people involved, the better, and the greater the likelihood DFC can make a difference here in the UK.

Thanks for reading.