Lesson Plans for Teachers

Making Citizenship part of your Curriculum

Integrating Design For Change into your curriculum will help your pupils become proactive, concerned, informed and responsible citizens of the world.

Design For Change offers a simple framework to empower your children to lead change in their own communities and find opportunities for change.

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One month lesson plan

This one month lesson plan will enable you to bring Design for Change into your classroom. The lessons encourage students to collaborate, listen to each other, engage deeply in issues that they identify, think creatively to solve them, make decisions and communicate effectively with each other as well as others to inspire a change.

The change making process involves 4 simple steps: FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, SHARE. This 4 step process leads students to understand situations empathetically (FEEL), imagine solutions to problems within their community (IMAGINE), put those solutions into action (DO) and share their stories in order to inspire others to make a change as well (SHARE).

The Design for Change one month lesson plan is broken up into 10 sessions over four weeks, each lasting 45 minutes. Ideas are driven by the students and the whole process should be student led (with support from the side lines). As educators, you will be truly surprised by what they come up with because: superheroes are not in fairytales – they are in every child who says “I can!”

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